RHA’s four most popular Effective Communication programs address a range of communication expertise within a company. Click on the program name for more information.

Private Executive Program
  • Includes five 2-hour private sessions.
  • Designed for high-level executives.
  • Provides forthright consultation and coaching, to achieve specific criteria based on the diversity and complexity of the participant’s communication requirements.
  • Before beginning this program, Rex conducts comprehensive 360° interviews with up to 6 designated business colleagues, to gain further insight into the participant’s communication abilities.

Full program details (pdf)

Management Program
  • Includes four 3-hour group sessions, maximum 6 participants per group.
  • Designed for executives, senior management, managers.
  • Provides intensive high-calibre training focused on expressing creative concepts, ideas and strategies with integrity and confidence, and developing strong, influential communication skills with external and internal audiences.
  • Promotes a mentoring attitude to enhance corporate communication identity through consistent, cohesive messaging at all levels.

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Meetings Program
  • Includes three 3-hour group sessions, maximum 6 participants per group.
  • Designed for managers and personnel who spend considerable time in meetings or responding to colleague and customer enquiries.
  • Focused on how to communicate relevant information with clarity and confidence, and perform more effectively in daily business activities.

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Integral Training Program
  • Includes three 90-minute group sessions, maximum 6 participants per group.
  • Designed for legal and business professionals.
  • Provides communication fundamentals and methodology for preparing influential presentations, as well as delivery techniques and how to convey messages from the audience‚Äôs perspective, to have a positive impact on the development of new business and the growth of existing business relationships, resulting in increased win/retention ratios.

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Other RHA Coaching Programs

To complement our Effective Business Communication training programs, RHA also offers:

  • Media Training & Relations
  • Business Writing & Editorial Consistency
  • Exploring The Use of Visuals
  • Master Presentation Deck Development
  • Webcam & CD Production
  • Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Analysis
Effective Communication Program Modules

Program modules can be designed to stress the importance of and training in:

  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Organizing & Structuring Your Presentation, from Closing to Opening
  • Preparing Relevant, Memorable Messages
  • Creating An Appropriate Delivery Tool for Maximum Results
  • Refining & Effectively Using Notes
  • Exploring Delivery Techniques
  • Communication Principles
  • Using Visuals The Right Way
  • Principles At Work
  • Show Us What You've Learned
  • Thinking on Your Feet During Q&A

Module descriptions (pdf)

All downloads are pdfs which require Adobe Reader.

what our clients have to say…

open quoteWe strongly feel that RHA's program, and ongoing support, has contributed to our success and recent wins.

Whether preparing for that ever-important sales presentation or becoming a more effective communicator, RHA's programs are highly effective and are of outstanding value.

The program covered a much broader range of skills than I anticipated, and provided a structure for all types of communication, even those beyond the presentation.

I now have a clear method to structure my thinking, tighten my language and ensure my delivery has the greatest impact. It was certainly the best session on presentation skills I have ever attended.

Fantastic course, really appreciated Rex’s honest feedback.

Found all parts relevant. An excellent experience. I now feel comfortable and confident in delivering material to any audience

One of the best courses I have taken.

On every occasion that we've worked with RHA, it has resulted in increased performance numbers at a personal and corporate level.

The program exceeded my expectations.

RHA provided a structure that can be used for all aspects of communication to ensure content and delivery have the greatest impact.

I strongly recommend Rex Hagon.

Your corporate growth and success depend on your people being able to express concepts, ideas and strategies with clarity, integrity and confidence.