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RHA has had the pleasure to work with a host of prestigious clients. These logos represent most of them…

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open quoteOur Institutional and Private Client Sales have benefited from RHA’s presentation skills programs, and one-on-one coaching for the past 20 years.

RHA delivers! Our internal survey feedback system now consistently ranks me as one of the firms top presenters in Canada.

I’ve engaged RHA for myself and many members of the teams I’ve had over the years, with great results.

I had the utmost pleasure learning from Rex about how to deliver more effective and succinct presentations to senior executives back in 2008, and I have been practicing his methods ever since.

Rex has had a lasting positive impact on me and many others he has worked with.

Not only have I worked personally with Rex Hagon, I have referred a number of colleagues to him over the last 10 years.

Our group has benefited from Rex’s presentation skills insights, and one-on-one coaching for the past four years. Our presentation preparation vernacular includes many of the key words from Rex’s coaching, a testament to the impact of his spoken-word training.

Rex understands our people and our business. His constructive and creative coaching style instills a high degree of confidence.

Your corporate growth and success depend on your people being able to express concepts, ideas and strategies with clarity, integrity and confidence.