The Hagon Approach

Rex Hagon personally customizes and conducts every program to meet the individual needs and goals of the participants in the program.

Before beginning, participants complete an RHA Pre-Program Questionnaire to candidly identify their individual communication history, strengths, weaknesses and program goals. At the first session, they present a short business presentation they have prepared, which is videotaped to assess their communications skills in action.

Throughout the program, Rex provides participants with ongoing video, verbal and written feedback, to candidly identify strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for further improvement.

Through exercises, experimentation and “issue-related” role-play, participants stretch their individual comfort zones, while testing different communication tools and approaches, to develop a strong intellectual undertstanding of, as well as a practical ability to apply, RHA spoken-word principles, tools and techniques. And they are empowered to meet the challenges of business presentations and meetings as well as daily communications.

RHA believes that effective communication is a lifelong pursuit and is open to working with participants beyond the initial assignment to continue to “raise the bar” on their communication proficiency and competency.


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what our clients have to say…

open quoteRHA’s Effective Communications process really helped me overcome all the issues I've struggled with. I now look forward to presenting. My messages are crisp, to the point, and relevant for my audience

Rex consistently shares his deep experience of effective communication in an open, intuitive, and comfortable manner. He really inspired me and our people to be our best.

Rex is an extremely effective personal communication consultant with the ability to create demonstrable results across a wide variety of individuals and interaction styles.

RHA provided a structure that we can use for all aspects of communication to ensure content and delivery have the greatest impact.

Every occasion we’ve worked with Rex Hagon & Associates has resulted in increased performance numbers at a personal and corporate level. Our corporate messages are now stronger, more memorable, and consistent.

Rex taught me how to listen more effectively and speak with an audience focus.

Your corporate growth and success depend on your people being able to express concepts, ideas and strategies with clarity, integrity and confidence.