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Rex HagonRex Hagon is an Honours graduate in Sociology from the University of Toronto, with a specialty in Communication & Interpersonal Relations.

In 1985, after a long and successful career in the Canadian film and television industry, as well as corporate communication, Rex formed Rex Hagon & Associates (RHA). Drawing upon his performance training and corporate experience, he developed RHA’s unique approach to executive coaching in Effective Business Communications. Since then, Rex has extended his training to other managerial levels with RHA’s four very successful program formats and a mentoring philosophy that not only address various speaking requirements within an organization, but also establish a strong corporate communication identity through consistent, cohesive messaging.

Rex has an intrinsic ability to harness the power of spoken communication and make connections with his audiences. His well-honed professional, yet entertaining, coaching style allows for the most efficient, yet effective and lasting, learning. He prides himself in the lasting relationships he builds with clients, as well as their communication abilities become life skills through continued rehearsal and consultation.

Rex’s knowledge of current business and change-management issues, coupled with his facilitation expertise, has successfully contributed to his clients’ increased win/retention ratios, stronger customer relationships, and an enhanced corporate image with external and internal audiences.


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George ScottGeorge has worked on more than a dozen branding and strategic communications assignments for clients of RHA, including investment managers, banks and professional services firms. He has a broad understanding of the financial services business and the ability to get to the heart of an issue, articulate strategy, and produce substantive deliverables on short notice, with high quality and on budget.

Whether it’s website content, white papers, government briefs, speeches, annual reports, news releases, newsletters, advertising copy, research reports, RFP responses or social media, George has done it all. His critical input and communications savvy has contributed to winning mandates for RHA clients.

what our clients have to say…

open quoteRex conveyed an impressive amount of information very well. His ability to articulate concepts across a broad idea base was also quite remarkable.

Rex’s approach to constructive criticism makes everyone very comfortable. I like that he encouraged us to be who we are, while highlighting and correcting our weaknesses. Rex’s ability to take our words and enhance the “spoken word” is truly a gift.

Rex inspires fun and freedom. He elevated my confidence as a speaker.

Rex's coaching is very personalized and focused on not just presentation style and techniques, but also the clarity and relevance of the underlying messages.

The feedback I received was constructive and aimed at continuous learning.

Rex is a master at engaging professionals (individuals and teams) to deliver well crafted, thoughtful and memorable messages at all levels of business management.

Rex's character and experience enabled him to quickly gain the CEO's confidence and help enhance their presentation skills.

As part of a job interview process, I had to deliver a 30-minute presentation to a group of senior executives. I reached to Rex’s materials and followed his guide “to the T”. Not only did I completely impress everyone in the way I delivered the content, interacted with the audience, and handled the Q&A session, but the president took me for lunch afterwards to negotiate a job offer. Thank you, Rex!

Your corporate growth and success depend on your people being able to express concepts, ideas and strategies with clarity, integrity and confidence.